Progress is a Change of Pace

Tempo Novus is an unwavering force for human progress.

We drive collaboration between unexpected partners to influence health at scale.

Our Vision

Progress is a Change of Pace

Our projects aim to ignite stronger communities in work, home, health, and play.

We orchestrate unexpected connections between our portfolio companies, private partners, and local public forces. Together, these partners reinvent our collective approach to human-centered health and dignity in life.

We go beyond handshakes and conversations to deliver strategic vision, strategy, and execution. Collectively, we generate value above and beyond what a single group can achieve alone.

Our Approach

An Integrated Approach

We create value that bridges four human-centric vectors.


Loyalty drives community and connection, and it is the connective tissue between us all.


Every community is anchored in a physical and digital space. The health of that place directly impacts the health of its people.


All humans have creative powers that help us solve life’s problems and chart new courses.


Technology is the power behind much of our world today - in sports, in wellness, in health. It is our new driver of access.

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